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2019 Fall Skills and Drills


2019 Fall Skills and Drills

We are offering your daughter free training in basketball to get her ready for winter school basketball and for the Spring season of GA Pistol's basketball. It is needed and we can provide it. No excuses. Put these dates on your calendar and free up your daughter's calendar to attend.


The is FREE basketball training for girls who are serious about playing basketball.


The GA Pistols basketball club has both AAU and Exposure teams.  We are a true non-profit club that works in harmony with school basketball programs. We have a solid reputation for doing things the right way. We want to make your girls aware of our program and see for themselves how we can help them in the "off-seasons." These sessions are FREE and we hope you will make some of your dedicated players and young camper or feeder team players aware of this program and our Spring and Summer program.


If your daughter has a good basketball, please have her bring it to the trainings. We will have some but probably not one for everyone.  Be sure to mark her ball with her name.


NO session on September 1 (Labor Day weekend).


Next session will be held on September 8th at Pope High School - 1:00 pm -  3:00 pm in the new gym for all non-high girls (3rd through 8th grade). The girls will probably be divided by grades.


Beginning on September 15th, the Skills and Drills will be held at Holy Innocents Episcopal School - 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm in the Duncan Gym at HIES for all non-high girls. The girls will probably be divided by grades ... 3rd to 5th and 6th to 8th.


All high school girls (9th through 11th) will begin at 5:30 pm, starting  Sunday, September 15th at HIES.


Reminder - for insurance purposes, everyone must obtain a  2019-2020 AAU Membership ID card. AAU membership expire on August 31st each year (unless a multi-year membership was purchased).


Questions or Concerns?

Please direct questions to: Jack Feagin at or 404-966-8469

Jack Feagin

Jack Feagin

Club Director

Phone: 404-966-8469